Bevinje Family

The earliest Kakkilaya of Bevinje who can be traced by means of any document is Vishnu Kakkilaya. He lived in the late 18th and early 19th century. He had two sons, Govinda Kakkilaya and Narayana Kakkilaya. The former seems to have died early and had no children to succeed him. The latter had two sons, Venkatesha Kakkilaya and Vishnu Kakkilaya. Venkatesha Kakkilaya also died early without any successor.

Vishnu Kakkilaya had two daughters and one son by his first wife. One daughter was married to Vishnu Kunikullaya of Ubrangala and the second one was married to Vasudeva Tantry of Kuntar. These daughters died, the first one leaving behind one son, and the second one without any child. Vishnu Kakkilaya’s first wife also died when Narayana Kakkilaya was very young and so Vishnu Kakkilaya married again. The second wife Gangamma hailed from Klaikode village of the then Kasargod Taluk and she was a malayalam speaking shivalli brahmin girl. Vishnu Kakkilaya had four sons and three daughters by the second wife – Subraya Kakkilaya, Sridhara Kakkilaya, Krishna Kakkilaya, and the last son was named also Vishnu Kakkilaya. Three daughters were Parvathi, Kalyani and Padmavathi. They were married to Krishna Irniraya, Krishna Kunikullaya and Ramakrishna Talithaya respectively.