Vishnus and Babus

Kakkilaya Family has many Vishnus and Babus. At least one member in every branch is named Vishnu and one is fondly called Babu.

Vishnu-s: As shown in the Family Tree, the eldest Kakkilaya was Vishnu and the tradition of naming children after their grandfather has resulted in this situation.

Narayana Kakkilaya, the son of Vishnu Kakkilaya I, named his son as Vishnu. This Vishnu Kakkilaya II named his eldest son after his father as Narayana and strangely named his youngest son as Vishnu, may be after his grandfather.

All sons of Vishnu Kakkilaya II, except the youngest one, named their eldest sons as Vishnu or Vishnumoorthy. And his two daughters also named their second sons as Vishnu and Vishnumoorthy respectively (eldest sons were named after their paternal grandfathers).
Vishnu Kakkilaya I
Vishnu Kakkilaya II s/o Narayana Kakkilaya
Vishnu Kakkilaya III, youngest s/o Vishnu Kakkilaya II
Vishnu Kakkilaya IV, eldest s/o Narayana Kakkilaya II
Vishnu Kakkilaya V, eldest s/o Subraya Kakkilaya
Vishnu Kakkilaya VI, eldest s/o Shridhara Kakkilaya
Vishnumoorthy Kakkilaya, eldest s/o Krishna Kakkilaya
Vishnu Irniraya, second s/o Parvathi Irniraya
Vishnumoorthy Talithaya, second s/o Padmavathi Talithaya

But the present generation of Kakkilayas have not kept up this tradition. Only Vishnu Kakkilaya VI has named his son as Shridhar.

Babu-s: And then there are many Babus in the Kakkilaya clan. Babu is the most common pet name in the Kakkilaya family. Babu literally means ‘Pet’ or ‘little one’.

‘Babu’ Kakkilaya I: Vishnu Kakkilaya III, son of Vishnu Kakkilaya II is called Babu and even to this day he is addressed as ‘Babu mama’ or ‘Babu Bhava’ by his nephews and nieces.

‘Babu’ Kakkilaya II: Late Vishnu Kakkilaya, Narayana Kakkilaya’s eldest son

‘Babu’ Kakkilaya III: Dr. Subraya Kakkilaya, Shridhara Kakkilaya’s son

‘Babu’ Kakkilaya IV: Dr. Suryanarayana Kakkilaya, youngest son of Vishnu Kakkilaya III

‘Babu’ Irniraya: Dr. Padmanabha Irniraya, eldest son of Parvati and Krishna Irniraya

‘Babu’ Kunikullaya: Jayaraj, youngest son of Lakshmi and Padmanabha Kunikullaya

‘Babu’ Achar: Raghavendra, son of Vatsala and Shashikanth Achar

Author: Kakkilaya