Subraya Kakkilaya and Mahalakshmi

Subraya Kakkilaya was the eldest son of Vishnu Kakkilaya and Gangamma. He was a popular social activist. After the premature death of his father, Subraya Kakkilaya stood like a rock to manage the entire property at Bevinje and other villages. He helped all his younger brothers to get educated and his sisters to get married to respectable families. He died in May, 1958.

Subraya Kakkilaya married Mahalaxmi. Short and lean, Mahalakshmi Amma was the live wire at the Bevinje house for many decades, even after her husbands death. Under her guidance, all the girls of the Kakkilaya family grew up with a great sense of responsibility that has helped them immensely. She was loved and respected by all at Bevinje and being the eldest in the family, she was called ‘Mallappa’. She died on 29th of May, 1999.

Subraya Kakkilaya and Mahalakshmi have one son and three daughters – Gangaratna, Jaya, Vishnu and Bhagirathi.

Gangaratna and Dr. Vorkady Krishna Talithaya

Eldest of the present generation Kakkilaya ladies, she is fondly called ‘Akkayya’ or ‘Eldest Sister’. Dr. Krishna Talithaya was a popular medical practitioner at Vorkady until his death in January 2005. The couple lived in Vorkady village, the ancestral abode of Talithayas. The couple have two daughters – Shantala and Shobha and one son, Ravi.

Jayalakshmi and Dr. Padmanabha Irniraya

Jaya and Dr. Padmanabha Irniraya live at Kumble town, about 10 kms. from Kasaragod. Dr. Padmanabha Irniraya is a medical practitioner of repute and is very well read. The couple have a daughter, Anupama and a son, Krishna Mohana. He is a software engineer working at Bangalore.

Vishnu Kakkilaya and Geetha

Eldest of the present generation Kakkilaya men, he is fondly called ‘Chittha’ or ‘Eldest Brother’. He is a civil engineering graduate, but has now taken up the responsibility of managing the ancestral house at Bevinje along with his property. He is actively involved in the various social and religious activities of Kasaragod district and is always the representative of our Kakkilaya family in these places. He is married to Geetha and the couple have a daughter Rashmi and a son, Shreekantha. Rashmi is a software Engineer and Shreekantha has just graduated in Medicine. Geetha passed away in April 2005.

Bhagirathi and Ramachandra Pothi

Bhagirathi is an accomplished Carnatic classical vocalist and is well known in Kasaragod through her innumerable concerts. Her husband is a highly respected officer, now working for a private firm in Mangalore after his retirement from Indian Railway Construction Company. The couple have a daughter Sandhya and a son Nagaraj. Sandhya always wanted to be a teacher of English and has thus studied M.A. in English. She is married to Durgaprasad, an engineer at Mumbai and the couple have a son, Vishakh. Nagaraj is a Computer engineer working for Infosys.

Author: Kakkilaya