Parvathi and Krishna Irniraya

Parvathi was the eldest daughter of Vishnu Kakkilaya and Gangamma. She married Krishna Irniraya of the renowned Irniraya family of Kodyamme near Kumbale. Krishna Irniraya was tall and handsome and at his time, he was one of the most respected man in Kasaragod-Kumbale area. The couple had four sons and two daughters.

Dr. Padmanabha Irniraya and Jayalaxmi

Jaya and Dr. Padmanabha Irniraya live at Kumble town, about 10 kms. from Kasaragod. Dr. Padmanabha Irniraya is a medical practitioner of repute and is very well read. The couple have a daughter, Anupama and a son, Krishna Mohana. He is a software engineer working at Bangalore.

Lakshmi and Padmanabha Kunikullaya

The eldest daughter of Irniraya family is fondly called Akkayya. She married Sri U. Padmanabha Kunikullaya, a senior and leading advocate of Kasaragod District and Kerala High Court. He was actively involved in Karnataka Ekikarana Movement, spearheading the cause of merger of Kasaragod with Karnataka. The couple have four sons – Ashoka, Krishnamohana, Shrinath and Jayaraj and one daughter, Roopalata. All these children are married and well settled.

Vishnu Irniraya and Savithri

Vishnu Irniraya is an advocate and has now given up his legal profession to look after the ancestral property at Kodyamme. His wife Savithri is from the Talithaya family of Vorkady and is the younger sister of Narayana Talithaya. The couple have two children: Son, Dr. Krishna Prasad, who is studying for MCh in Cardiothoracic Surgery; Daughter, Indira who is a graduate in arts, married and has a child.

Capt. Dr. Narayana Irniraya and Bharathi

Dr. Narayana Irniraya was a surgeon and served the Indian Army on a short service commission. Then he joined the Kerala Govt. health service and served as district surgeon at Kasaragod. He was very popular and highly respected for his surgical and administrative skills. He passed away in 1991 after a brief illness.

Dr. Balakrishna Irniraya and Meera

Dr. Balakrishna Irniraya served the Kerala Govt. Health Service as Assistant Surgeon at Uppala and Kumbale. He is now a popular medical practitioner at Uppala. The couple have two children son Vikram and daughter Urmila. Vikram has started his practice at Kasaragod as a physician and Urmila is studying for masters in Obstetrics.

Vasudeva Irniraya and Lilly

Vasudeva Irniraya recently retired as a senior executive of Indian Administrative Service. The couple have two sons, Vijaya Kumar, a graduate in science now workking for ICICI Bank and Udaya Kumar, now working as a physician in the UK.

Vatsala and Dr. Shashikanth Achar

Vatsala is the youngest daughter and is married to Dr. Shashikanth Achar of Shirva near Udupi. They have a daughter, Dr. Sahana, who is a dental surgeon now settled in the U.S. and a son, Raghavendra, who is an engineer.

Author: Kakkilaya