Krishna Kakkilaya and Mahalakshmi

Krishna Kakkilaya was for many years the Patel of Chengala village, keeping up the tradition of the Kakkilaya family. He was also the President of Chengala Village Panchayath for two terms. Highly respected for his administrative abilities, his was often the last word in Bevinje. He looked after the ancestral property at Bevinje after the death of his elder brother Subraya Kakkilaya and was the head of all the religious ceremonies at Bevinje until he died in 1996. Married to Mahalakshmi, the couple have two sons and four daughters.

Vimala and Narayana Talithaya

Vimala is the eldest daughter and with her husband is now settled in Nagpur. They have three daughters, Bharathi, Arathi and Swathi. Bharathi has two children and Arathi has one.

Malathi and Ramakrishna Bhat

Malathi was the live wire in Bevinje in her younger days. She died an untimely death soon after the delivery of her son, Manohar.

Nayana and Dr. Ranjan Moodithaya

Nayana is graduate in science. Her husband Ranjan is a doctorate in electronics and is Head of the acoustics division at the National Aeronatics Laboratory, Bangalore. The couple have two sons, Madhusudan who is computer engineer and Kiran who is a budding engineer.

Vishnumoorthy Kakkilaya and Chandraprabha

Vishnumoorthy, fondly called ‘Moorthy’, is the backbone of all events in Bevinje. Groomed by his father, he is indispensable at any function related to Kakkilaya family. He is happily married to Chadraprabha and the couple have three daughters – Suma, Soumya and Sushma and twin sons – Akhil and Ajith.

Gopalakrishna Kakkilaya and Vidya

Gopalakrishna, fondly called Gopa, has a Masters in rural Development and is an Officer at Karnataka Bank, now at Karwar. He is married to Vidya and the couple have a daughter Anusha and a son Vaishakh.

Anasuya and Shankar Rao

Anasuya is fondly called Ancha. She is a graduate in Arts and is married to Shankar Rao, who is a Manager at Bajaj Tempo at Pune. They have two daughters – Pallavi and Anjali and a son, Aditya.

Kumuda and Krishnamohana Kunikullaya

Kumuda is the youngest daughter of Bevinje. She is a graduate in science. She is married to Krishnamohan who owns Ray Corporation, a premier business unit in Mangalore. The couple have a daughter, Alaka and a son, Akhilesh.

Author: Kakkilaya